About CG

Creative Group. Official Supplier for the Always On.
For an increasing number of internet users, the web is an ever-present fact of modern life. An indispensable utility that needs to operate smoothly, safely and continuously. The Always On generation is constantly on the move and their needs should be met on the fly. Reliable webshops with effective digital services relating to games, entertainment and cell phone credit are the answer. Creative Group – their Official Supplier – is pleased to provide these services. The result: digital empowerment, and 100% personal uptime.

Creative Group. Because the world is changing.
Always on. Always connected. Connected to everything and everyone. Not just communicating with friends and relatives, but also playing the newest games, reading the latest news, listening to the hottest music or watching  just-released blockbusters. For the Always On, the web is like the air they breathe. And Creative Group enriches that experience.

Creative Group. A powerhouse of scalable solutions.
The market for digital services changes rapidly. Everything that can be digital, will become digital. This needs innovative thinking. It needs scalable solutions that start small and end big. It needs fresh insights into the minds of contemporary consumers. It needs new standards built on international excellence. It needs the products and brands Creative Group offers. Brands like,,,,,, and

Creative Group. A digital lifeline to a digital life.
The Always On want it all, and they want it now. With the brands of Creative Group as their Official Supplier, that is exactly what they get. Now and in the future. In more and more countries and for more and more digital products. We call it: a digital lifeline to a digital life.

100% personal uptime
That’s what we’re about