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Cookie Policy

Everything you need to know about the use of cookies during your visit to Creative Group.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small data packages that are downloaded onto your device by the website you are currently visiting. The next time you visit this website, the cookies ensure that your device is recognised immediately. By using cookies, this website can temporarily store information on visits and visitors. Other websites can also recognise your device through these same cookies. Various types of cookies are used for each visit.

Cookies can make a visit to a website more personal, such as by:

  • Showing relevant navigation settings
  • Remembering visitor preferences
  • Improving the overall user experience
  • Limiting the number of advertisements shown

The use of cookies by Creative Group
Creative Group stores the information collected through cookies, in addition to other information you have provided about yourself or in addition to other information collected for purposes stated in the Creative Group privacy policy.

4 types of cookies
Basic cookies are necessary to use the basic functions of our website, like the navigation and My Transavia. The website cannot function properly without these cookies. We also collect basic statistics, without saving any personal information from you.

Statistic cookies help us to understand how you interact with our website. This information helps us to optimize your user experience on our website.

We use marketing cookies to track visitors across websites. The intention is to display ads that are relevant and engaging for the individual user and thereby more valuable for publishers and third party advertisers.

Change cookie settings
If you do not want cg.nl to place cookies on your device, you can disable them via the settings or options of your browser. You can also only disable the cookies of our partners. The settings need to be changed for every browser and on every computer separately. The links below will redirect you to the instructions of your browser.

Please note: When you change the cookie settings for cg.nl, you may not be able to use certain sections of the website or they may not function properly.

Deleting cookies
If Creative Group has already placed cookies, you can remove them.

1. Deleting cookies in Internet Explorer
Go to the top right of the Internet Explorer window and select ‘Extra’ (cog icon). Click on ‘Security’ and then select ‘Delete browser history’. Make sure that ‘Cookies’ is ticked and then click on ‘Delete’.

2. Deleting cookies in Firefox
Go to the top right of the Firefox window, to the icon with 3 lines. Click on ‘Options’ and then go to the ‘Privacy’ tab. You can choose what you want to delete under the ‘Show cookies’ tab.

3. Deleting cookies in Google Chrome
Go to the top right of the Google Chrome window, to the icon with 3 lines. Click on ‘History’ and then select ‘Delete browser history’. Make sure that ‘Cookies and other site and plug-in details’ is ticked. You can also indicate how old the cookies need to be.

4. Deleting cookies in Safari
Go to the top right of the Safari window, to the task menu (cog icon), and click on ‘Security’. Then go to ‘Show cookies’. You can now choose what you want to delete.

More about cookies
More information on cookies can be found on these websites:

A website with information on behavioural advertising and online privacy compiled by the Internet advertising industry: