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Creative Group raises €22M from Prime Ventures
Creative Group Team Summer Event 2019

Careers at Creative Group

Want to be part of an award winning scale-up? Join us!

Who are we?

Creative Group is a rapidly-growing company that makes digital top-up fast, safe and simple for consumers around the world. We have two brands, Rapido and Recharge, two offices in Amsterdam and Nijmegen and over 100 people working for us. We work with cutting-edge technology and power through online marketing. Major labels such as iTunes, Google, Spotify, Xbox and PlayStation are our partners. 

We make buying and sending digital value as simply and safely as possible

Our company culture

We welcome you into our culture created by passionate, ambitious people that share the same beliefs. At CG, there is always space for an inspiring conversation with your coworkers. Our values are our DNA. Everything we do is aligned around these values.

Customers first

Happy, satisfied customers are at the core of what we do. Their needs and thoughts are our engine, our starting point. We listen to our customers and always devote ourselves to satisfying to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Deliver always

Results drive us. We set smart goals, commit and deliver. We strive to be as agile as we can possibly be. We test, improve and experiment, step by step, determined to win. We focus and finish, working together towards our goals.

Being well

We take good care of ourselves and each other. We work hard, celebrate our successes and never lose track of our daily dose of fun. We check in with one another and don’t judge but learn. We work as a team, open, honest and respectful. Determined to be well.

Love change

Change puts things in motion, it excites us.  As true entrepreneurs, we make change happen. We identify new possibilities to grow. Our flexible mindset and deeply felt entrepreneurial spirit makes change and adaptability arise.

Open jobs

Our 6 step hiring process


CG Active

CG Benefits

Join the weekly yoga and bootcamp sessions with your team. Enjoy a free daily lunch, 30 vacation days and a full pension package that covers the future you. Grab an apple from the fruit basket and be well!

CG Labs

CG Labs

With our events and sessions, such as hackathons, we inspire you to think as a true entrepreneur, out-of-the-box, with an innovative mindset. Crack the case and discover new possibilities.

CG Events

CG Events

Awesome, fun and inspirational events where colleagues share their passion, knowledge, experience and meet-up with one another.

CG Learning

CG Learning

Learn topics that make you smarter and inspire you to look at things from a different angle. You grow, we grow. If you like to read, take a free book from our library and share your findings with your fellow colleagues.

What our people say about us

My name is Linda and I have been working at Creative Group since December 2016.

I started as a Financial Controller, and half a year later I got a broader role and responsibilities as Manager Finance & Control. From January 2018 onwards, I’ve taken on the role of Chief Financial Officer.

It is my responsibility to take care of the right balance in our growth. I like to work with my team to ensure that we are in control, but also working in a bold way to achieve the longer-term goals for Creative Group. The (growth) ambition and the potential of Creative Group is enormous, which is what I love about this company the most! Creative Group is constantly in motion. This brings out financial, fiscal, legal and other challenges. I find myself stimulated on every subject.

We openly ‘Love Change’. Change can be exciting and bring many opportunities such as big challenges, new collaborations, which all stimulate personal growth. By embracing change, I have managed to achieve rapid personal development, and that makes me proud and grateful for what I’m doing now. Finally I would like to mention that big changes in life are inevitable as I've experienced myself - they aren't always positive! But finding a way to be positive even about bad changes is a great way to find strength and purpose. Life at Creative Group is a roller coaster, and I really enjoy the ride!
Bram Davids

My name is Bram and I started as the Business Analyst for Rapido in March 2018.

After 2+ years in Management Consulting I started looking for a job that involved less travel and that is when Creative Group appeared on my radar. I have to admit that I had never heard of the company, but it soon became apparent that this was the perfect fit for me.

When I started, our office in Amsterdam had just opened, so there were a lot of fresh faces. However, right from the start there was a friendly atmosphere with colleagues with a can-do attitude. The office banter was there right from the start and within an instant we setup an office ping-pong competition.

The company value that lies closest to my heart is “deliver always”. In becoming a data driven organization I try to provide everyone with the right dashboards and tools to “deliver always”. Key to this is ensuring that people understand what to work on to have the biggest impact on performance and enabling them to track the impact of changes they have made.

My name is Torbjörn and I joined Creative Group in February 2018. I work as Launch Manager for Rapido.

I love to be part of the ambitious plans of Rapido with launches on several new markets in the coming months. I am involved in many different activities, within different fields on different markets which can be challenging but also extremely educational. I have learned a lot during my time here as each day is very different from the previous one.

I spend my days working side by side with my great coworkers who are experts in their fields. It’s a company that is extremely fast paced, with no strict hierarchy, where things move very quickly, and you are able to really execute your ideas or solve problems in your own way, which I find to be inspiring as I really feel like I can have a big impact here.

The value that speaks to me the most is the value of “being well”. We have free daily lunches, which we eat together and weekly bootcamps where we push ourselves through a tough workout together. Myself and some other colleagues have also started to do weekly runs together after work.