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A journey of creative disruption.

Leading the exchange of digital value internationally.

Since the start of our journey, we have disrupted several markets, developing new solutions for the exchange of digital value.

The Creative Group was founded by Dutch entrepreneurs Robin Weesie and Dirk Ueberbach, who are still around to advise us from time to time.

In the last 5 years, we have been growing rapidly by opening up new markets, adding multiple services to our offering and engaging with new customers online.

We started in the Netherlands as the first e-voucher website. Today, we operate from our Amsterdam office multiple brands in more than 130 countries.

Cutting-edge technology

Our mentality for technology is a central driver of our journey.

To handle millions of orders worldwide each day, we’ve created our own software solution based on open source technology. By using a highly modular service-oriented architecture, we are able to continuously update and improve the user experience for our multiple online brands.

Top-class digital marketing

Our creative marketing team promotes multiple services to diverse communities across the globe.

Scalability is in our DNA. From our Amsterdam office; we operate in more than 130 countries worldwide offering (local) support to millions of customers to guarantee their happiness and engagement.

Millions of people trust us

The best user experience is the inspiration behind our developments and our investments.

In the last years, we have delivered multiple services and supported millions of customers across the globe. Our purpose is to give them the fastest and safest experience for the purchase of digital value.

Worldwide presence

We are an international team with a global mentality.

Our major brands are being crossed the world, and we continuously launch new countries every year. We make people’s life easier by partnering and collaborating with local and global brands to grow our offering internationally.

Fast growth

Since the start of Creative Group, we have been growing at a rapid pace.

Our growth has strengthened in the last 5 years. We can proudly share that our business managed more than 150M in revenue in 2017, making us fully profitable.