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The future of payment, without borders.

Recharge enables everyone to recharge accounts from your mobile. Currently focused on helping expats to support and help their loved-ones back home by recharging their mobile accounts from abroad in a few seconds.

The near future of Recharge is a payment app offering the most convenient way to recharge and pay all major living cost from anywhere.

One-stop payment

Recharge has more than 600 telecom providers

Soon it will introduce major international providers for daily living cost. By partnering with leading brands in local markets and connecting them with international consumers via our high-tech platform, we are able to help consumers recharge multiple services from anywhere, including domestic use.

Easiest access

We guarantee easy access for everyone

With a mix of global and local strategy, operating internationally and offering local features and services. We have developed the best mobile buying flow, ensuring the right local payment methods and offering customer service in multiple languages, to ensure a great experience for every customer, in every country.

100% reliable

Immediate confirmation, no hidden fees, safe data storage and a money back policy

Recharge stands out by it’s professionalism and reliability. We communicate total cost up front, notify when credit has reached the receiver, and if anything would go wrong, we offer support in local language and give the money back when needed.

Recharge is devoting it’s time and energy to create a revolutionary payment app, which enables recharges and payment for all major living cost anytime, from anywhere.

Approximately 250 million people live and work in a country other than their home country. For all these users, mobile communications mean connectivity and staying in touch, therefore ensuring credit is a must.

However, the service is also used by many domestic customers because of its convenience.

Payment processes are still very old-fashion in many countries, requiring people to physically stand in line to pay their cost of living or recharge accounts.

For these customers Recharge completely removes the hassle with reliable technology to settle accounts on the go.

At Recharge, we are always looking for talent