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Creative Group raises €22M from Prime Ventures

Tomorrow is exciting

FDGazellen award
Deloitte award

We develop the latest technology for exchanging digital value, and bring it to consumers via market leading international brands

At Creative Group we help everyone worldwide to buy, send or exchange digital value as simply and safely as possible.

How? With a strong passion for technology and with an entrepreneurial DNA, we have developed the best smart platforms to make the global exchange of digital value as simply and safely as possible.

Our brands are active in more than 130 countries, processing millions of online transactions to connect the services of our partners with consumers worldwide.

Our Partners

Our international business partners trust us to deliver e-commerce best practice and innovative technology to obtain hyper-efficient online distribution worldwide. Our promise to them includes data-driven marketing, the highest levels of order handling, safe payment, fastest delivery, and excellent customer support to ensure their customer’s satisfaction.

Our Brands

The future of payments.

For expats who want to support their loved ones back home and for top-up users on the go, Recharge is the best place for recharging and paying accounts anywhere in the world from a mobile device.

Releasing digital value.

For all top-up users who want to enjoy a continuous service; Rapido is the best and largest online store, with the broadest selection of e-vouchers and the fastest delivery.

We're always on the lookout for talented people!