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FDGazellen award

Transitioning the top-up market from offline to the online space.

Rapido is the best and largest online top-up store, with the broadest selection of e-vouchers and a strong promise of fastest delivery, enabling a continued service without interruptions for top-up users worldwide.

With the Rapido platform and its strong digital marketing engine, we un-tap new markets and discover new customer segments for our partners, supporting them in their expansion globally. Rapido operates in multiple countries with highly localised websites to provide customers with the most accessible and convenient experience, ensuring their satisfaction and repeat purchase.

Fastest delivery

Rapido is the fastest and most convenient way for topping-up any kind of service

We promise every customer to deliver e-vouchers in less than 30 seconds and we are continuously improving our technology to shorten this time, thereby further upgrading our delivery and promise.

Broadest selection

An e-voucher specialist with the largest assortment of digital cards

To make people’s lives better we aim to offer the most relevant services, in the most convenient manner. Our product portfolio includes phone data, call credit, gaming, entertainment, prepaid credit cards and more. We continuously work on improving our offering, adding new services every month.

Safe experience

Millions of customers trust Rapido daily to safely handle their payments and data

With a complex and advanced proprietary technology for internet security, we ensure the safest purchase experience for everyone. We also offer localised customer support in multiple languages.

Rapido is a certified platform for iTunes, Google Play, Sony PSN, Xbox, Netflix, Spotify and many other leading brands in entertainment, telecom, gaming and the prepaid credit industry.

We offer our customers and partners a powerful and responsive technology. Our partners trust us to provide great online distribution; offering regional flexibility and personalised promotions to the end user.

Through Rapido, multiple international brands access high-reach media channels for introductions of new products and boosting special promotions.

In many countries, Rapido is the preferred brand for ongoing top-up purchases by consumers. Customers love us for our large product assortment, instant delivery and great seasonal promotions.

At Rapido, we are always looking for talent